Dream job

This was taken at a Buddhist Temple in Penang.

Utterly delightful – the daydreaming Buddha and the young disciple spending his days bathing him. Very mind-clearing, calming. Something so pleasingly simple about it.

Simple seems so very pleasing at the moment. Not that my life is all that complicated, but it occurs to me that perhaps I make it more complicated than it needs to be…

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6 thoughts on “Dream job

  1. That does look like a relaxing job. When my life seems to be getting to complicated I take to my bed for a day or 2 and just read or stare out the window. Mr. Husband freaks out, but to me it’s just recharging my batteries.


    1. I think bathing the Buddha would be a meditation… the more you do it, the more chilled out you get…

      I think I am due for taking to my bed. I have not done that in years… And I never actually get sick enough (thank goodness!) that I have to… I wonder what would happen if I spent the day in bed? I wonder what would happen if I slept a full 8 hours? Overcharged batteries? Will I be throwing off sparks?


    1. Thank you for the reminder, Ms Dipper… I’m definitely coming right again, whatever ‘right’ actually is… and when I get there I know that burst of creativity will begin to flow again… It really is that simple…

      I think I do need to go bathe the Buddha – metaphorically speaking.


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