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8 thoughts on “Photopo Gallery

    1. Hmmm… I know it sounds terribly vain, but that does make me wonder who you see and who I am! Ha ha… I’m up to 121 now… How many does one need before one can start thinking about making a book out of them? Maybe 300, so you can cull mercilessly?


  1. Two questions for you:
    I have a flckr slideshow on my sidebar just as you do, but with random pics. How would you feel about me putting your slideshow on my space? I think that it would be terribly more interesting than random stuff from people I don’t have any connection to. Let me know.

    Second, are you getting more visitors because of Vibrant Nation, that is, is it worth joining?


  2. Answer to Question 1 – I would be very honoured. Do you need my Flickr info? (I need to update my stuff there… I need more time to keep up with all the blogging and facebook and email. Plus have time for living.)

    Answer to Question 2. I get visitors on Vibrant Nation – the blog is mirrored there so the stats don’t get added to the main blog stats. I’ve been on there since May – it took a while, but I have built up a following. I think the last time I asked (they don’t send you stats) I was getting about 2000 hits a month there and met some interesting, intelligent people. So I would say it’s worth joining.


  3. Somewhere you asked, “What next?” Consider a triptograph per week? I probably don’t realize the effort of such a challenge but maybe it’s another way to get your photos up and viewed. I’m glad I popped on this page and saw the montage of your photos….very powerful. Love the color, movement, combination of words and shadings. Awesome~!


    1. Excellent idea… I will keep that in mind… storytelling pictorial essays… hmmm…

      I put this page up when I was around 100 of them I think… I’ve really evolved over the year – the earlier ones were a lot more filly as learned Photoshop and also came to grips with what I was doing. And I used to hand letter, which I liked, except they were often to hard to read. Definitely inspired by Kenneth Patchen and Colin McCann… I have to say, I am proud of them… Glad you enjoy!


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