Melbourne in one day

I’d often heard Melbourne was a glorious little city tucked down in the underside of Oz, but it’s taken me a long time to get there. But it was a port of call on our cruise in December and I finally got a glimpse.

Aboriginal totems by the Yarra
Aboriginal totems by the Yarra

There’s both an upside and downside being in a city for just one day. Of course you don’t really get to see enough of it. But you can get a very nice taste which is enough to bring you back to some places you may not have considered before.

Melbourne is one of those places. It’s a melange of colour and sound, cool breezes and scorching sun that peaks through the rain clouds. Alleys lead to fascinating galleries, clubs and bistros and there is a vibe that’s definitely its own frequency. I need more time there!

Here’s some photos. There’s a bit of a travelogue if you look at it with the captions on.

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