The first tunnel, first of many… but you never forget your first…

This is an underpass. It’s on 167th St in the Bronx and runs under the Grand Concourse. We lived in a block of 6-storey red-brick apartment buildings a few blocks away and this was where we shopped. It really hasn’t changed much since I lived there back in the early 60’s. Deep discount shops, fast food,Continue reading “The first tunnel, first of many… but you never forget your first…”

Hey, bud!

I am endlessly fascinated by the palm tree. Though it is pretty standard in warm climates, I originated from a very cold climate and rarely saw an actual palm other than on television. And come to think of it, since we didn’t get a TV until I was 14 and my brother refused to letContinue reading “Hey, bud!”

Monkey no shines

Not sure where I got my love of monkeys. I used to hate them. Loathe them. Not all of them. Or even some of them. Just one. I hated just one monkey. But I hated him enough for all monkeydom. His name was Peanut. We got him when I was around 13, on a familyContinue reading “Monkey no shines”

Pony ride

Hard to believe there still are pony rides! Putting a child on the back of an animal that might do anything! My word… However do they get insurance? Actually, I doubt this particular ride is properly insured as this was at the gypsy fair I went to summer past. I’m pretty sure insurance is notContinue reading “Pony ride”

Ready to Land

They’ve dimmed the lights getting ready to land service staff buckled down can’t see me pull out my camera, start clicking, clicking down the sci-fi lights, like some Twilight Zone episode where I’m holding my breath, waiting. Waiting for that thing You know, the thing the monster that tormented William Shatner, sitting in his youthfulContinue reading “Ready to Land”

MInding My Own Business

My poor mother – you’d think from listening to some of her children, that she’d got EVERYthing wrong, not most things or some things, but the whole lot. Hmmm… she definitely got some things right – but there’s not much percentage in telling folks about how right and normal and ordinary your childhood was (notContinue reading “MInding My Own Business”

Our Lady of the Last Winter Morning

I have a passion for images of the Virgin Mary, with and without the Christ child. I am sure it has much to do with the untold hours I spent on my knees praying to various statues of her when I was a child. Of course my prayers were fervent, but I also spent aContinue reading “Our Lady of the Last Winter Morning”

Panda Ponder

I really do wish this photo was better. My trip to China coincided with the purchase of my first digital SLR and I had everything set to Auto and pretty much hoped the photos would turn out well. We arrived in Chongqing, one of the largest cities in all of China after a blissful 3Continue reading “Panda Ponder”