Big Buddha

Isn’t it ironic? Is it? Maybe no. Maybe not at all. Is Orwell even read any more or is he fading into the dimming past? He seems more relevant today than ever before in my lifetime. Though he became so politically incorrect, excoriated by both the left and the right, I enjoyed almost everything heContinue reading “Big Buddha”

Dream job

This was taken at a Buddhist Temple in Penang. Utterly delightful – the daydreaming Buddha and the young disciple spending his days bathing him. Very mind-clearing, calming. Something so pleasingly simple about it. Simple seems so very pleasing at the moment. Not that my life is all that complicated, but it occurs to me thatContinue reading “Dream job”

RIPping in Penang

I asked Dan, our driver in Penang, to take us to the local cemetery. As he was Chinese, he brought us to the Chinese cemetery. There had recently been a holiday honouring the dead, so many of the graves were festooned with blue and white flags and adorned with flowers and other honouring items. DanContinue reading “RIPping in Penang”

If you can’t stand the heat…

Penang, Malaysia. 8PM. The night had cooled to a balmy 30 degrees (ca 90F) and we ventured out in search of supper, somewhere the locals eat, authentic food, an authentic experience. Yeah, there I sat at my white plastic table, soaking up the noisy, fluorescent-lit ambience – fanning myself, sipping an ice cold Tiger Beer,Continue reading “If you can’t stand the heat…”