Charisma or intimidation?

Their voices are calm. They do not threaten. In fact, they might be as gentle as a lamb – and yet, you would not consider disobeying them.

Do they inspire fear or are they merely charming? My 5th Grade teacher, Mrs Ottman; Sister Rose Andrew, who was actually rather terrifying… and occasionally, I hear – Me?!? And I know I’m just a cream puff!

What is this mysterious ability? How do you acquire it, use it, suppress it? Anyone you know have it?

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7 thoughts on “Charisma or intimidation?

    1. I’ve been told I have a certain directness that some people find intimidating, which really does surprise me, because by and large, I am pretty gentle with others…

      On the other hand, better to be compared with a tiger than a cougar. Or is it?


  1. I have seen this commanding power with theater actors. They command a certain attention just by getting a taxi. It reminds me of the Don Juan books by Carlos Castaneda.

    “Acts have power. Especially when the warrior acting knows that those acts are his last battle. There is a strange consuming happiness in acting with the full knowledge that whatever he is
    doing may very well be his last act on earth”


  2. Intriguing question. A realtor I knew once told me (after her daughter met me) that her daughter’s comment about me was something along the lines of, “boy, she doesn’t raise her voice, but she can be scary. Many people have told me that I’m scary at first, but then after they get to know me, they still think I can be scary.

    But you know what? I don’t mind. It keeps away the people I just cannot be bothered with, which as I grow older, is a longer and longer list.

    Don’t mind me. Bad day.


    1. Hah! I’m still chasing the black dog – though I’m snarling at him and not the other way around… Still…

      I think strong women are just scary to some folks, especially strong, creative, outspoken women… I bet we’d make a very scary team!


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