Matilde the She Boar

  Came upon this beautiful she-boar the other day. Very friendly, and would have been friendlier had I offered her a snack – though I have a policy of not feeding other people’s animals without their consent. Though disappointed, she was happy to pose for photos and didn’t seem to mind that I struggled withContinue reading “Matilde the She Boar”

Been there, I think

Reach a time and place when you’ve been there and you’ve done that Hell, maybe you didn’t maybe you watched someone else do it maybe saw it on TV Once it gets so far back it doesn’t much matter much cos your memory – gets a bit long a bit distant Even though it tastesContinue reading “Been there, I think”

Office Bug

There’s a bug going round the office. Kinda big, kinda scary – with long front feelers and a rather long body.  Shot this with a macro lens, so it is probably 2-3 times life size here… Anyone know what it is??? There are a million bugs in the naked bush. And sooner or later, theyContinue reading “Office Bug”

I Want to Live Here

Maybe not ALL the time. But SOME of the time. I realise That I will never live in a lighthouse for a year or even a month Spending my days staring out to sea Scribbling poetry in tattered, stained notebooks Ignoring reality in my search for something real Something tangible, eternal Something I can holdContinue reading “I Want to Live Here”


There is a symmetry and a poetry and a rightness in all things. Even smokestacks. (This is not to imply that everything is perfectly all right with everything and we needn’t make improvements to anything.) (Nor should we come to the conclusion that smokestacks are a metaphor for life. They might be, but I’m notContinue reading “Smokestacks”

The Morning of the Following Day

The girl in front of me just sniffed her armpit. She was out dancing last night and drinking and met some guy went back to his place and took off her clothes and did the nasty but they were too drunk for it to be any good and the second time he couldn’t get itContinue reading “The Morning of the Following Day”

Cherub on high

Not sure what brought this on… other than the ongoing sense of frustration lately at not feeling as creative as I ‘usually’ do. I sort of feel like I have photographed everything, that there is nothing in my world I have not looked at from every angle and there is nothing new to see. OfContinue reading “Cherub on high”


No, it’s not, but it reminds me of the rows and rows of votive candles in every church I went to. And I was filled with such longing for money, lots and lots of money so I could light them all, see them shine, see them flicker, inhale their waxy fragrance. Oh… and then IContinue reading “Preservation”

Go for a Drive

Not sure what brought this on… For someone who hates to drive and pretty much refuses – I admit to a fondness for cars and car graveyards. I have no idea what make this was, but just love the curve of this hood ornament. I rather think the man who drove this car (and itContinue reading “Go for a Drive”