Rainforest in Winter

In the category of unbelievable and completely annoying things… I bought a new computer. That actually is good. But I had to shift my software – annoying. The unbelievable was when I deregistered Photoshop from the old computer so I could install it on the new one – the identification code was rejected. So I rang tech support. Oh… it seems I am in possession of a pirated copy of Photoshop – which I have been merrily using for two years. Never mind that I bought it from a computer shop and it came in the box with the book and DVD and cost an arm and a leg… Adobe would like the name of the company I bought it from, which I can’t remember because they are no longer in business – but not so I can get Photoshop reinstated with them. I think they want to prosecute the seller.

Fair enough – but the price of Photoshop has gone insane – over $1000… and I’m a bit on the broke side – what with the new computer and needing to update Office and all that… grrr… I am annoyed. I will have to just bite the bullet and get it – I need it for the business. But… grrr… there is nothing I can do. No point in screaming at Adobe. The vendor is gone…

Sigh… I get to upgrade now to CS5. Somehow I am not leaping for joy. This fallen tree sort of describes how I feel. Grrr…

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4 thoughts on “Rainforest in Winter

  1. On the plus side: I really, really love this shot. Have you updated your flickr account lately? My sidebar widget with your photos does not seem to be cycling…is that a problem on my end?

    As to reloading photoshop…boy can I relate. I was just thinking about this the other night as I hope to have my new hard drive installed in my computer next month. I have a full Adobe suite that I paid an arm and a leg for, and I’m worried that when I try to reinstall everything, I’m going to have the same problems.

    It seems odd that they won’t let you have the code since you did pay for the program and did not pirate it off the Internet. If I were you, I think that I might escalate a complaint to see if they might not accommodate you. Just a thought.


    1. I do need to update Flickr… they will only let you have 250 photos up at a time unless you pay – which means I need to take some down… Will let you know when I do – which should be soon-ish.

      I did try to talk them into letting me register my code, especially since I’d been using it for 2 years already, but their position is that while I paid for the software, I did not pay them… and it’s theirs… and I guess I can’t argue their point – why should they let me have it for ‘free’ just because I gave money to someone else… If I thought they had even the slightest culpability in this, I would escalate it – but… yeah, I really can’t justify it. Mind you, I wouldn’t mind smacking the vendor I bought it from around a bit… I don’t think I was particularly dumb either… Just not clever enough…


  2. I that would put me in steam for sure. Years ago the whole pay and arm a let and your first born child to software vendors put me in such a snit that I started searching for alternatives. I now use OpenOffice from OpenOffice.org instead of Micro$oft Office. One is free the other is 4 or 5 hundred last time I checked. On my Netbook that I use when traveling I use the Ubuntu operating system (free) instead of Windows. It took some getting used to but it works fine and the software is small enough to fit on a flash drive so I can carry a backup copy in case the unthinkable happens. There are several alternatives to PhotoShop, but it is the Cadillac of photo software. Or so I’ve heard. Hope you get it sorted out soon.


    1. I really should look into some of these alternatives. The problem of course is that as long as I am using my computer to produce professional materials for clients, I have to give them documents that are compatible with everything, no filters, or special how-tos required.

      I did try open office on my home computer some years ago – but I am a serious Macro user – if I do anything regularly, I create a macro for it and use all the available keyboard shortcuts in M$ Office ($534 with Publisher). There was none of that in Open Office. Of course they have probably upgraded it by now…

      As for Ubuntu – apart from the fact that I have never heard of it – how do you install it on your system instead of Windows? Or… can you actually buy a PC without windows pre-installed? I think I’ve been entrenched with Microsoft from the beginning… back with MS-DOS 4.0 (which I rather loved to be honest – I understood it. I was in control…)…


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