Back on Titirangi Storyteller!

It’s been a couple of years… TBH, I had somehow managed to lose access to the site as I have another WordPress blog that’s kinda going gangbusters, (The 13th Floor) so that took priority.

But I’ve been missing this space and telling stories – I think it’s time I took it back up. What do you think??? And share some photos… Here’s one…

It took seven years to get this one processed. Just found ALL my photos from 2013 that I thought I had lost in a major hard drive crash. And the backup had mysteriously disappeared. Turned up last week! So many photos to process.

This one was taken at Wat Mahathat in Ayutthaya, Thailand. The Buddha’s head had been buried when invaders attacked. It was never dug up and emerged from the earth as the tree grew, permanently embedded. A sight to see!

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