A bit of Halloween Ghoulishness

You may have guessed that I’ve been a bit more rapt in photography than writing lately. The photography is moving more and more into complex shoots, involving costumes, make-up, proper lighting… Still trying to figure out where I want to take this. The natural direction seems to be art photography (trying defining that!) but I find I have a lot of fun with the goofy stuff. Sooo…

Here’s a gallery of shots from a Halloween shoot I put together last week – 8 models, 4 make-up artists, a smoke machine and a fabulous location, full of intricate, spooky nooks.

The models are Raymond Vinten, Kirsty Leigh Robertson, Michaela de Bruce, Kate Lynn, Beth St Claire, Emily-Rose Schoemand, Neil Schoeman, Mimoza Ilieva. Make-up by Sara K Atkins, Qteaz Hair, Ekaterina Murtova, Vivian Tian Yuan.

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