In broad daylight

The forest on a misty morning, a two-storey house with many many rooms, nooks and crannies. All sorts of creatures can live there. Including you. And me.

I’ve uploaded a different take on this scene here… a different shot, but from the same time and place and a little bit different treatment and wide… Actually like this version better, but it does not really fit my blog’s layout.

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12 thoughts on “In broad daylight

    1. This is morning, around 9-10 in the winter (sun comes up about 8)… there is a small creek running through, the source of the mist. I think if you had the right weather conditions, so you could have the mist at midnight – and a full moon to properly illuminate it… and then, of course, you would have to be out there… yeah – THAT would be an amazing shot!!!


      1. Focus must be the key. I’d have to get my husband to go too with his pistol on his hip!! 🙂


  1. You know, the version of the linked photo I posted on my blog just doesn’t do it justice. It needs to be seen biigggg. It really is incredible when you take in all of the minutiae.


    1. Yeah… this is one of my favourites ever. I just put it into a competition… I am getting tired of doing that to be honest… while there is a actual ‘judgement’ in the beginning of the process, culling the good stuff from the mundane or awful… in the end, it’s about taste and trends… I should have know better, but I called it a landscape… 90% of landscapes the win prizes are either one of those jewel toned sunsets no one can resist – or a dock extending from the shore into a lake or the sea… my trees will probably be dismissed… but I love them just the same…


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