Not Itsy Bitsy at All

I can’t imagine what the spider looks like. This web is about half a metre across. It’s encased in frozen mist, giving it that ropey feel. Found it on the leeward side of a rotting, fallen tree near the Clutha River. Yikes! Half expected its maker to leap out and grab hold of my lens.

Published by Titirangi Storyteller

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5 thoughts on “Not Itsy Bitsy at All

  1. You are scaring me now…..quit! I used to chase
    my little sister with snakes but spiders…yeeeek!


    1. Oh you would have jumped right out of your skin if you had seen this tree. This is only one of dozens! And the webs sooo huge! We don’t have tarantulas here, but this is what I would imagine their webs would be like!
      did little sis chase you with spiders, I wonder???


  2. Ooh, this is lovely. I love spiderwebs covered with ice crystals. Just one of those things that appearls to my warped mind. And the bigger, the better, that is, as long as I don’t have to see a giant spider.


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