My second attempt during the pinhole workshop. I didn’t realise I had a light leak. A real disappointment after a 15 minute exposure. Sigh… it came out more as a relief than a proper image. I may play with the relief idea later, but at the time I set my can into a nasturtium forest, with the sky as the sky. And with one perfect nasturtium at the centre. So this is more of what I had in mind… and since it’s all in my mind, it’s what I got in the end.

Not really a good example of pinhole photography, I know. There is more… patience. Or something.

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4 thoughts on “Nasturtium

    1. it’s almost there… I need to find some time to work on my hand painting technique… it is very weak, the one aspect of this image making process that is pretty much unchanged for thousands of years…


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