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My second attempt during the pinhole workshop. I didn’t realise I had a light leak. A real disappointment after a 15 minute exposure. Sigh… it came out more as a relief than a proper image. I may play with the relief idea later, but at the time I set my can into a nasturtium forest, with the sky as the sky. And with one perfect nasturtium at the centre. So this is more of what I had in mind… and since it’s all in my mind, it’s what I got in the end.

Not really a good example of pinhole photography, I know. There is more… patience. Or something.

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23/04/2012 at 11:25 pm

Back again for more…

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Some things I learned in the last week:

  • I am used to/addicted to creating an image and words to match every day.
  • Giving oneself more time to do the things one wants to do can backfire – and you end up doing less
  • After 10 months of doing Photopo every day – to stop is like losing a job, even if I was the one who quit.
  • It was oddly depressing

Fortunately it’s not one of those life altering decisions that one has when one leaves the corporate world or helps a child pack as they take off for the world – nothing like that. This one was easy. I just looked for a picture and had a bit of a play. And I feel so much more… normal.



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09/08/2011 at 2:23 am

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