Nasty Pinhole

Did a workshop today on pinhole photography, something I’ve never tried before. Totally fascinating, the most basic kind of photography. I built my camera from a cat-food can, duct tape, electrical tape, some card and a bit of an aluminium oven liner. It’s rather a work of art on its own, though it could use a bit of a touch up.

I am rather enraptured with the results… the negatives are like stepping into a dream and the positives – an alternative reality… this is a first result. I’ve got several more coming. I think I’ve got to invest in a set-up of my own – nothing fancy…

This is a shot of some nasturtiums growing against an old tile fence. I couldn’t resist playing with it and adding a bit of hand colouring. It’s just what I do…

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9 thoughts on “Nasty Pinhole

  1. Intruiging. Interesting contrasts. You are always exploring and investigating for true….a photo scientist.


  2. I used to want a darkroom, but of course, we never could accommodate it. I’m just curious as to where you found actual film . . . haven’t seen any for sale in ages.


    1. I didn’t use film… I used photographic paper. You still need a darkroom.

      That said, for those in need of film, there is still plenty of film available (but not Kodachrome). And a growing niche industry of processors and printers who work from film.

      There are some things you can do with film that you can’t do with digital. But there are many more that you can do with digital than you can with film, so… I’m not going to venture too far from digital.

      Using the photographic paper, I scan my images to work with them and don’t touch the original negatives.


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