Hell on Wheels

With two steering wheels
she’s queen of the road.

Ten year’s time.
A little peroxide.
A tattoo or two.

And a whole lotta attitude!


Published by Titirangi Storyteller

Telling tales from around the world

4 thoughts on “Hell on Wheels

    1. One of the things I enjoy about being a bit, um, “older” is that my appreciation for all sorts of people has increased 100-fold. Once I would have considered this child’s probable future a tragedy, where I now realise how intricate the web of ‘we’ are is, and how it is not only impossible to force it to be other than what it is, but that there is beauty, richness, love and passion in almost all the ways we have of being us.

      I wish it were a bit easier to photograph people doing what they are doing… I don’t like photographing people without their permission, but as soon as you ask and they agree, they pose for you – and that is almost always awful, except in the case of teenage boys with attitude because then it gets even better…


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