Don’t remember taking this one. Sometimes I think I’ve got an inner robot photographer on board, who grabs interesting shots I might have missed – like this one… Not sure why, but I just love the lovely softness of the background and the sharpness of the hair in the foreground… something innocent about it…

Pink baby

Lately I have found that I love photographing babies… But that said, it’s not exactly from the point of view of a baby photographer – more from the point of view as an animal photographer… I am not inclined to prop or pose them or dress them up in outfits that would have any adultContinue reading “Pink baby”

Terror in the Grass

My love affair with the disagreeable flamingo continues… what I like about this shot is the feeling that this flamingo has risen, zombie-like, from the swampy grasses and leading with its nasty little beak, intends to wreak havoc in the world. Or not. I feel as though I’ve got a bit of my mojo backContinue reading “Terror in the Grass”

Another orchid?

Been feeling a little ‘dry’ lately – no flashes of inspiration or unexpected revelations. Going to have to go with the very safe and rather lovely cymbidium from the orchid show I went to last week. Went to a great exhibit today though, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibit – very inspirational, but also,Continue reading “Another orchid?”

The disagreeable flamingo

The disagreeable flamingo

I love birds, pretty much all birds, all colours, shapes, sizes, mannerisms and dispositions.

Except for the flamingo. Yes, it is lovely from afar, simply splendid when taking flight en masse. But the ugliest, most horrid of cranky, miserable creatures when you get up close. It’s not just that its mouth is twisted into a sneer, but its demeanour, its tone, its quarrelsome nature.
The hippo makes the rhino seem downright cuddly…

These three carried on, the pair on the right attempting to defend its position from the one on the left. They finally gave up and sauntered off, all three reminding me of Cinderella’s ugly stepsisters…

Titirangi Palm

This is when you REALLY want to be a palm reader! Or have one handy… This lady lives just up the road from me – ran into her in her altogether on the way home this afternoon… Medusa had nothing on her!!! Sorry I’ve been missing out a day or so here and there… theContinue reading “Titirangi Palm”