Return to the carnival

One of my recurring themes – not something I realised about myself until the last few years, mostly from this blog. The carnival is one of my slightly ‘unhealed’ childhood pains. As in, it was never of the intensity to cause me real harm, I always knew it didn’t really matter. But the carnival, orContinue reading “Return to the carnival”

Bumper car

Rather like this shot of the bumper cars from the other night. Not quite as fond of this one, but strangely, quite a few people loved it – so I thought I’d share it here… see if anyone else likes it. Hmmm… sorry for sounding grumpy… just didn’t get what I was expecting. And likeContinue reading “Bumper car”

The Scream Machine

  There was a full-on carnival going on before the ‘night glow’ balloon event on Saturday night. A great opportunity to put the 5D MarkII through its paces, capturing the action in twilight without a tripod. Back in the day they called this the Round-Up – I guess because it spun around and then alsoContinue reading “The Scream Machine”