One lady leaping

Went through over 600 images shot last night. To be honest, most were plain crap… I deleted over 300. Then I deleted another 100. Then I starting culling in earnest… and in the end, came up with such a brilliant set of photos, I feel like I invented candy and can’t wait to tell all my friends…

I’ll probably end up posting most of them on here as the days go by, but I put together an album on facebook that you can access by clicking here. No need to friend me or be on facebook yourself.

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2 thoughts on “One lady leaping

  1. Fabulous~! (Her leaping and dancing and your photography.) Appreciate it even more since you let us peek behind the lens and get an inkling of how much time you spend to post one awesome picture!
    I hope the dancer gets to see it too 🙂


    1. I love the leaping shots – funny how capturing a brief moment frozen in mid-air with her hair flying has the opposite effect – at least for me – it is all about the movement…

      The dancer’s favourite was the other leap, the one with the washed out background. If you look in the column on the right side of the page, you can see my latest Flickr uploads and it is the 4th one down. Almost the same as this one – but she made a few great leaps.


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