Dancer #3

This is image 499 of a project that began in September 2010. I didn’t know where it was going or why, only that somehow when I started doing these every day (with occasional days an even the odd week off here and there) I started telling a different kind of story, one that started inContinue reading “Dancer #3”

One lady leaping

Went through over 600 images shot last night. To be honest, most were plain crap… I deleted over 300. Then I deleted another 100. Then I starting culling in earnest… and in the end, came up with such a brilliant set of photos, I feel like I invented candy and can’t wait to tell allContinue reading “One lady leaping”

Dancer on the beach

Just a quick one tonight… Went to Piha Beach this evening to shoot the sunset and a dancer who came to dance for a group of photographers. Sadly, she got lost on the way so we didn’t get to shoot her in the best light. I did get some nice stuff though and am especiallyContinue reading “Dancer on the beach”

If I were in Mumbai again

Not sure what brought this on… I certainly would not mind being in Mumbai again. But this girl is no more in Mumbai than I am. I snapped her a couple of years ago performing at a festival commemorating Indian independence – at a race track in Avondale, a suburb not far from where IContinue reading “If I were in Mumbai again”

Good fences

This image has a couple of inspirations – Happy Daze commented on my post the other day that good fences make good neighbours. Which got me thinking about good fences and good neighbours… I took this photo on a trip to the south Pacific islands late last year – it was taken in Lifou, whichContinue reading “Good fences”

possibilities for perfection

I invented a new word today. Jeramate. There is a young man in Thailand with that as his first name. And an online football league in Latvia who’ve given their virtual stadium that moniker. Other than it’s mine. I am not quite sure what it means yet. But the colour of this Diwali dancer, synestheticallyContinue reading “possibilities for perfection”


Dancer from Diwali the other night… from a contemporary Indian troupe, doing a modern version of the bhangra… I find the bhangra to be the most joyous of dances, reckless abandon, dancing like a child who hasn’t been taught not to. Also found in the Jewish hora and Ukrainian trepak and maybe some others IContinue reading “Bhangra!”