Look inside

What can I say? Sometimes things get clearer when you go deep.

Sometimes they don’t.


OK – a few people have asked what the heck this is… and whilst I like being mysterious, I rather like the source of this… so here it is… just an ordinary, bog-standard fence top.I was going for the ant’s eye view…

Published by Titirangi Storyteller

Telling tales from around the world

3 thoughts on “Look inside

    1. I have posted the original for you, actually, it’s not the right one, it’s the one I took right before or after, but they were almost the same… and one for context… there is some magic in the one on the left, I think – but not so much on the right… although… looking at the one on the right, I am noticing the my eye is drawn to the square of light in the upper right… there could be a story on the other side of that???


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