The Morning of the Following Day

The girl in front of me just sniffed her armpit. She was out dancing last night and drinking and met some guy went back to his place and took off her clothes and did the nasty but they were too drunk for it to be any good and the second time he couldn’t get itContinue reading “The Morning of the Following Day”

Oncoming Train

Took the train in to the city the other day, thought maybe I’d get some good blur shots or other interesting bits and pieces. Got home and naaah… the light was flat, no interesting shadows, rather just a bit of gloom. So I took this into photoshop and had a bit of a play withContinue reading “Oncoming Train”

Pretty as an autumn day in Wanaka

I’ve noticed how popular this style of highly saturated HDR has become lately. Not sure why, but something about it rubs me wrong – really, I don’t know why. I certainly have no issues with playing with images so they tell the story I want to tell. So, I decided to give it a goContinue reading “Pretty as an autumn day in Wanaka”

Suzhou Garden Reflections

Been thinking about memory lately, how fickle it can be, how downright deceptive – and you think you’re being completely honest with yourself. Hah! I remember when ‘facing reality’ was something I could do. Or thought I could. This image of a Suzhou Garden is completely deceptive… Trust me – nothing about it is whatContinue reading “Suzhou Garden Reflections”

Look inside

What can I say? Sometimes things get clearer when you go deep. Sometimes they don’t.   OK – a few people have asked what the heck this is… and whilst I like being mysterious, I rather like the source of this… so here it is… just an ordinary, bog-standard fence top.I was going for theContinue reading “Look inside”