Dreaming of Brooklyn

I had a flat in Brooklyn for a few months, a garden apartment with bars on all the windows and an alcoholic flatmate who would do strange things like frost the toilet seat with toothpaste or start to cook a chicken and forget about it – leaving it under the kitchen table. Oh, and there was the time she started the bath and then went out to the bar, which was the last straw… On the other hand, I was young and gorgeous and full of all sorts of plans and dreams and fears and wonder…

Note – apologies for the typo in the po… didn’t notice it when I was making the image and ugh… it’s late, and I want to go to bed. You will just have to imagine the second L in ALL is really there. It is in spirit.

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10 thoughts on “Dreaming of Brooklyn

  1. How funny — I’m a former editor and always notice typeos but was so entertained by your flatmate story and the gorgeous photo that I didn’t notice the missing letter.


    1. Thank you… I think the text and image were so busy it didn’t stand out… some twig filled in and you didn’t notice??? The flatmate was hysterical – I could write a book… ha ha…


  2. Hope the flatmate was not your travel companion as well! Hope the poor thing put the plug in the jug! 😀 That’s a great tangle of Brooklyn. Interesting that it give a sense of extreme busyness without a single human being.


    1. No, the flatmate and I never went anywhere together. She was actually my Dad’s girlfriend, soon to be ex-girlfriend, though not on my account. When she was sober she was fun and interesting. Unfortunately she wasn’t sober often enough to make it worth my time. Or my Dad’s. And he could put it away, too… Those were the days…


  3. Man, I don’t hemorrhage over typos, but I really dislike spell check taking over to the degree it has. It’s getting to the point where we type words correctly, but it doesn’t suit SC’s anticipatory rut!


  4. What bugs me about spell check is that it always defaults to American spelling. And while the US is the single biggest market, it only has what – 5% of the world’s population? does it have the majority of English speakers? Actually, I’m missing the point – I wouldn’t care what it defaulted to if it were simple to change defaults… NZ English is its own weird kettle – and whilst I may have started out there, these days I autopilot to the spelling system that pays the bills… manoeuvre… my favourite kiwi spelt word…


    1. That’s my ‘manoeuvre’ as well. In Canada, both re and er are acceptable. I like the ‘re’ because it is a little French.

      So in Canada, I have British, American, Canadian and French to deal with. Now I can add $#@%~ spell check! 🙂


      1. Yeah – you’ve definitely got one up on me there… although… in reality we are all being subsumed by Microsoft… and I’m not being paranoid… it’s what schoolchildren are learning – Microsoft English – the last word!


    1. She was… I didn’t mention the time she took the basting brush to the inside of the refrigerator door. Or the time I raced home, my bladder bursting and she was passed out on the toilet, blocking the door. I was forced to resort to the mayonnaise jar once again…

      Those were the days… ha ha…


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