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Kicking Around Brooklyn in the Snow

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I’ve been beating myself up lately for neglecting this blog… sigh… the reality is I’ve been doing so much travel and making so many pictures, I’ve really not had the time to develop or share them. Just got back from the US on Saturday. There’s over a thousand photos to process…

Let’s start with a Fabulous Snowy Day in Williamsburg! We rented an Air BnB apartment on Berry St and waited for the world to happen. The World did not disappoint!!!

wmsbg- 5-3-15-6

It’s kind of sad that the smokers are really the only ones out there savouring the moment. Everyone else was in a rush to get somewhere out of it.

wmsbg- 5-3-15-7

Looking down the street.

wmsbg- 5-3-15-3

And up the street!

wmsbg- 5-3-15-10

And just not going to be going anywhere, really… Better get back inside where it’s warm. (And I mean warm! Why are all New York apartments so bloody hot???)

I just love Williamsburg 🙂

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26/03/2015 at 11:30 am

Dreaming of Brooklyn

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I had a flat in Brooklyn for a few months, a garden apartment with bars on all the windows and an alcoholic flatmate who would do strange things like frost the toilet seat with toothpaste or start to cook a chicken and forget about it – leaving it under the kitchen table. Oh, and there was the time she started the bath and then went out to the bar, which was the last straw… On the other hand, I was young and gorgeous and full of all sorts of plans and dreams and fears and wonder…

Note – apologies for the typo in the po… didn’t notice it when I was making the image and ugh… it’s late, and I want to go to bed. You will just have to imagine the second L in ALL is really there. It is in spirit.

Written by Titirangi Storyteller

08/09/2011 at 11:46 pm

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