Doll’s Shoes

Considered the most beautiful vine in the world (by the people who make such declarations), Thunbergia Mysorensis grows freely in the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia.

I mistook it for an orchid because of the shape of the flowers and its overt come-hither qualities. Forget whether or not we are descended from apes – whoever came up with this design liked it so well they used it on us… or maybe the other way around…

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5 thoughts on “Doll’s Shoes

    1. I always think of it as terribly cold in Canada. I lived in Rochester, New York for nearly 15 years and we would go up to Toronto, which was more or less a deep freeze from October to April or May… I have not been to the Canadian west. One of these days… But I want to arrive via ship, so it may be a few years.


    1. It like a moderately cool to slightly cold climate – roughly where are you located?
      Of course, before you go planting anything one must consider the impact on the environment… wouldn’t want them taking over, would we? (NZ is overrun with English garden plants that over-thrive here…)


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