Brave Sheep

Not sure when it happened, but I realise I have become quite a good animal photographer – strange because until the last 5-6 years years, I wasn’t much of an ‘animal person.’ But these days I can happily snap away, capturing the critters, letting them pull their little star turns for me.

I have to wonder – have sheep always been blowing reaspberries at me and I just didn’t notice? Or does this gal have a special message for me?

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6 thoughts on “Brave Sheep

    1. I do love watching them. The ones out in the wilds of the south island that only see humans come shearing time are skittish toward anything that comes their way – cars, people, the wind blowing a branch… I saw a ‘pile up’ in the corner of a paddock, some scared ones had got themselves into a corner, and the rest panicked and followed… I watched for quite a long time as they stood there, too polite to shove to the point of injuring each other, but trapped by their own fear.
      Still, sheep are lovely… still ‘mentorsheep’ is something to encourage!


    1. Goats are far more clever. And pushy, even a bit aggressive… I’d have to say that if I was watching goats, I would not wish that I was watching sheep any more than watching sheep would incline me to long for goat-watching. I’m an equal opportunity watcher. Give me the opportunity and I’ll watch…


  1. Ya I love a bit o sheep!!! I think this gal must have a message for you as I’ve never seen on blow a raspberry at me. Maybey it dosn’t like having its photo taken ey?


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