Aspiring bull

We made our annual jaunt up Mount Aspiring today. Cloudy, cold and rainy, beautifully bleak. Got some amazing scenery shots, but had to go with this close up of a black angus bull. What a handsome devil!

Whilst there are fences and paddocks and some of the farmers to make some semblence of containing the livestock, it is quite normal to see bulls, cows and sheep ambling all over – sometimes right in the road.  This guy was just a few feet from the car and I shot from the window. Yes, he was peaceful and harmless as could be – but I prefer not to foolishly tempt fate. Especially since he was happy to raise his head for a photo.

While it’s true that he will ultimately end up on someone’s dinner plate, he has the most marvelous life – completely free range, grass fed, health looked after, plenty of congenial companions… nothing to complain about.

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