Frosty Flowers

Found a wee bit of frost this morning – yes, it was cold enough to see my breath and feel rather frozen. I liked it!

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4 thoughts on “Frosty Flowers

    1. I remember a summer in Texas – I think I was about 12… We went to the World’s Fair in San Antonio. It was brutal! My mother took a photo of every cactus in the country – with one of us 4 children posed in front of each and every one. Can’t say I liked it much… I also remember camping on the beach in Corpus Christi – in tents, while drunks made 180s on the sand just a little way down the beach. Didn’t sleep much.


  1. How horrible–posing in front of cacti. Mothers will be mothers, won’t they? I remember when we were traveling across country, and we got to the Blue Ridge Mountains, and my mother said, “Wake up. It’s the Blue Ridge Mountains.”

    I raised my head and said, “Yep, mountains, blue,” and went back to sleep.

    Frosty flowers are beautiful.


    1. I endeavoured to mother my children (now 24 & 31) without being a ‘mother’ about it, if you get my drift… not sure how they would describe their experience of having me as a mother…


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