It’s Remarkables

There’s a die-hard, unbreakable rule that says you can never ever expect a photo taken from an airplane window to be taken seriously. I’m in a rule-breaking frame of mind.

These here are the Remarkables, part of the Southern Alps.

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6 thoughts on “It’s Remarkables

  1. I have photos of our Rockies, too, that I adore. Guess other people don’t get excited, but I love a high level view of our world. More than simply remarkable – totally elevating!


  2. Passing over the Rockies, especially in winter, or the Australian Outback, or the northern or southern Alps… nothing like it. No, I have not yet experienced the splendour of passing over the poles, or Siberia, or, well lots of places…


  3. This really is an amazing photo, and I, too, find it hard to believe that it was taken from a window. I just love this shot. It reminds me (sorry) of Lord of the Rings.


    1. Well, there WAS a good reason or three (besides Sir Peter) that it was shot down here… The diversity of landscapes is truly astonishing… not to mention the seascapes. Oh, and the airscapes!


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