Polly don’t want no damned cracker

It don’t matter how good the food is or how nice the accommodation – he longs for freedom.

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8 thoughts on “Polly don’t want no damned cracker

      1. My sister had a parrot in a cage – he screamed blue bloody murder day and night. She decided to give him away – but en route to the new owner’s house he made his escape. And was never heard from again…


    1. It is. He was in a bird house at a garden. I took lots of photos of the garden, but when we got to the birdhouse my companion commented that there was no point in taking pictures because who wants to see the wire? Which got me taking photos… not just for the bird – but for the wire – and the wires we don’t want to see everywhere…


  1. I live on Galveston Bay in Texas. There used to be a ship’s chandlery here whose owner had a parrot that looked amazingly like this one.

    He lived out front of the store in quite a luxurious cage – big, and very tall. Spacious. He was quite a cut-up. People would stop by the cage and say, “Polly wanna cracker?” Without fail, that bird would scream out, “HELL, NO!!!”

    I haven’t thought of Cap’n Hook in years. Thanks for the memory!


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