I need a holiday!

I need a holiday. Someplace where I can meet new people, do some different things, try new foods, fall asleep with strange sounds around me…

This is from Cabo San Lucas. This would be a good place to go… I really need a holiday!


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2 thoughts on “I need a holiday!

    1. Don’t know if I’m going to get a big holiday this year, so I’m enjoying the short ones. Halmilton to see the balloons was great fun. This coming weekend it’s up north to Whangarei to shoot some steampunks. And then in May there is Wanaka for 10 days in the snow (if we’re lucky) followed by a long weekend in Tairua on the East Coast in June or July. And I’ll probably come up with another short break or two for August and September.
      When I say a need a holidays – I guess I mean I need one now, and one when I return, and one after that one and then another, just to be sure…

      I need a holiday!


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