Sometimes things just don’t turn out the way you expected…


I have discovered, in that way many obvious things are discovered, that I am developing a photographic voice, no different than my literary voice when I used words and a keyboard to capture my flights of imagination. Now it’s pixels and software, not as ruggedly romantic as the old tools, but I like what’s getting said.

I put together a shoot with four models this past Sunday, shooting in Auckland’s old Grafton Cemetery – don’t think I would have had the confidence for this a year ago, but a lot can happen in a year… So here are four from the shoot. What do you think?


This is Ria Lovedor, amazingly versatile, can go from looking like a lost teen to a spoilt middle aged bitch with a few prop changes.


Mosty Mostyy is probably my first attempt at straight glamour. Have to say I am very pleased with this shot. But shooting her is a bit like shooting orchids – so perfect you really don’t have to do much to get brilliant results.


Ria again. I did a darker, more desolate version of this, but my husband said it was kind of mean to make her look so despairing. She is sad enough here. I was telling her some sad stories to get her in the mood for the shot.


Briana Sullivan and Ryan. These two have such great chemistry. I set them up for a number of couples shots – all very dramatic and slightly otherworldly.

Yeah… I like where this photography thing is going. I like the stories I am finding and telling and making. It’s good to have a voice again.

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3 thoughts on “Sometimes things just don’t turn out the way you expected…

    1. Thanks, Michelle! I have to say what amazes me is the ongoing discovery as I get older of ‘talents’ I did not realise I possessed… For some reason I’d been led to believe that for most of us, most of our creative energy is spent by 40. How delightful to be utterly wrong!


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