Polarising Day on the Beach

Mt Maunganui Beach


Perfect day to go to the beach, to sit in the sand, to eat sandy sandwiches and drink warm soda or Kool-Aid and stay in the water until your lips turn blue or your mother makes you get out and get ready to go home.

Actually… it occurs to me that while this photo does remind me of summers at the beach when I was a child, it actually reminds me more of paint-by-number oil paintings my mother loved to do when I was 9-10 years old… The skies in those paintings were so full of detail. And my mother did an amazing job blending and highlighting, (having studied the great masters) so you really couldn’t tell it was a paint by number rendering. Her skies were so perfect, so artistic…

But when you took a photo and somehow the skies were blown out most of the time, or just a cloud or two would show up… I don’t know – I’ve always spent a lot of time trying to get the sky right.

And a long time ago some said what I needed was a polarising filter. Which I dutifully ran out and bought, didn’t know how to use and after a few months didn’t bother any more.

But this year… I don’t know why, I decided to give the polariser another go, see if I could get it this time. And I think you’ll agree, the verdict is yes… Blindingly sunny day, water, clouds lots of detail. I know – it really needs a boat or a bird or a small child in bright red or yellow togs to make it great. But I don’t mind. A good day at the beach is, well… a good day at the beach. How greedy are we to demand more???

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3 thoughts on “Polarising Day on the Beach

    1. gets rid of glare and harsh highlights/blowouts. Mutes them. The same principal as polarised sunglasses. Works great around water or anywhere that there are likely to be blinding reflections. You still ge the reflections and the highlights, but they are muted… Like in this photo…


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