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I’m looking through you…

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I know I’ve been awol… but considering I’ve been running this blog for a good 5 years now, I guess a little time off from time to time is in order…

Though I never intended it to be a personal blog, it has, in a sense been very personal, seeing me through some major life changes and reflecting many of my thoughts and moods, especially through the two years of what I dubbed PhotoPo, making one picture poem almost every day – as I left the corporate world and ventured off to the life of an artist.

That is still in progress, and moving in directions I could not have predicted, though my photography has become more and more important. It’s a good life. It’s a good blog. Just a little break…

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23/10/2013 at 8:10 pm

Going to Church

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Unexpectedly came up this tiny little church near Awhitu Central, on our way to the Manukau Head Lighthouse this past weekend. Thought we’d stop and take a few photos.

I think God would like it here.


These seat cushions are all hand-made, one of a kind. The little blankets you see over the pews are for when the church is very cold on Sunday mornings. Very tiny, only 7 rows of pews. Nothing flash.




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22/07/2013 at 1:37 am

‘Tis Matariki!

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Matariki – aka the Maori New Year – a more or less month long sort of celebration around the mid year/winter solstice. I lived here for a long time, ten years or more without every hearing about it, but it’s been gaining in popularity. Not sure if it’s a greater acceptance of Maori culture by the mainstream, or maybe New Zealanders are just happy to have a distraction from our endless dreary winter. Either way, I rather like Matariki – it’s lack of defined traditions have left it open to a variety of celebretory activities. Last year there was day of kite flying with a stupendous array of airborn silken creatures.

This year, I went to a Kapa Haka competition. I think many people are at least vaguely familiar with the haka – a rather terrifying, eye-bulging, tongue wagging, chant/dance routine performed as a ‘welcome’ for visitors. My husband is still horrified by it – me more fascinated. But the kapa haka competition took it in a whole new direction, playful, tender, just plain goofy. Made for a great day. And the side attractions were an added bonus.Portrait2


Maori Woman in colonial era dressKapaHaka-mann

Mannquin with attitudeKapaHaka-65

Not so terrifying hakaKapaHaka-lineup

Queued upKapaHaka-carver1

Traditional Maori carver at workKapaHaka-skirts

A new take on the old grass skirtKapaHaka-puppet

I’m sure whatever he’s saying is hilarious…KapaHaka-40Fun with poi!


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17/07/2013 at 1:56 am

Orchids, orchids, orchids…

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The sexiest of all the flowers, leaving roses pale and gasping in their wake. Pulsing, daring, expecting, lurid, lascivious and luscious.

How could they ever have aligned themselves with witless school boys and prom night?Orchid-18






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16/07/2013 at 12:44 am

Train bits go all steampunk

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I just love how these bits and pieces of the trains turned out. Something about them just cried out for maximum saturation and super sharpness. The response has not all been favourable – some folks really dislike this treatment. I really like it. Do you?Trains-workshopV2

This will be the boiler and firebox of a locomotive when it is fully restored, in the meantime, it’s really pretty

Trains-152Half of a coupling mechanism




A switch, with nothing to switch?

Trains-150This looks almost robotic. I admit it was mostly rust coloured and I hand coloured it. Just for fun. Hard to explain just how inspiring these photos are to me. I’ve booked another excursion out to Huntly for September. Hoping to have some models to shoot along with the trains next time.

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12/07/2013 at 12:31 am


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Finally got to work more on the train photos. And discovered the essence of the steampunk thing. I’d never paid more than a passing bit of notice to it – just didn’t get it. Until I started working on these photos – the colour palette, the endless bits and pieces and detail, the drama. Suddenly it makes more sense… I have to say these photos are some of my favourites ever and working on them has been a real joy.

I’m planning on a return visit to the Bush Tramway Club in a couple of months – hopefully with some steampunk models in tow to do a bit of posing with the trains…

So here are some actual train shots (and one building – whatcha gonna do?) Some steampunk bits tomorrow…Trains-train


Trains-dining car

Trains-tower  Trains-27

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10/07/2013 at 12:00 am

Train minutiae

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Spent the day out at the Bush Tramway Club in Huntly, an hour and a bit south of Auckland. Very impressive club restoring, preserving and having fun with old trains. Their website is a bit dated (the guy who built it is also a locomotive driver and the club secretary – with no time to redo…) but there is lots of good info here. http://www.bushtramwayclub.com/

These are some details I came across. I’ll post some pictures of actual trains when I finally get through all my photos – but I just love these bits and pieces.






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08/07/2013 at 10:09 am

Lichen it, lichen it a lot

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lichen-1In addition to falling in love with wild mushrooms this winter, I have become fascinated by other fungi and also lichen. This was a particularly beautiful, very 3-dimensional specimen. I think it has an underwater quality about it, as well as appearing rather squiggly, don’t you think? Must be a hundred shades of olive in here…

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05/07/2013 at 9:29 pm

Tree in winter

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Island Tree

One of the things I’ve noticed over the years – I love photographing cold, naked trees. I admire their dignity, their stalwart stance in the face of all those frigid dark months, catching brief glimpses of a faded sun. They are so very beautiful. And somehow, a bit accusing, a bit threatening. They’re not happy at all.

This tree, towering from its little island in the middle of a little pond, keeps watch over a stretch of lang along the Clutha River. It doesn’t miss a thing.

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05/07/2013 at 1:51 am

After the grapes are gone

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Autumn vinyardThe grapes are fermenting away, sweet and fragrant and ready for drinking this time next year… Nice how the leaves linger on though… I seem to prefer the natural world to the human one more and more… it’s just so much saner, safer. How can a tornado or earthquake compare to the human maelstrom? These days… these days… somehow these are always the days. And all the days. How sweet to stand in a vinyard and close my eyes and inhale slowly and deeply…

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27/06/2013 at 12:47 am

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