Monsters’ Lair


A couple of weeks ago I posted the Tale of the Monsters’ Hideout, the human’s eye view of the monster habitat in the heart of Auckland City. I also mentioned that I followed some young men down below the street for a monster point of view, figuring that they were young and tender and everyone knows that monsters only partake of fine, firm young flesh, no interest in an old bird like me (not that I consider myself all that old, but I would not hesitate to use that as a trump card in a stand off with a monster.)

So here we were, down below, in all that blue light, tunnels opening out into the water, mollusks creaking, water lapping, echoes echoing. Waiting and anticipating. Nervous laughter. Boyish dares and slightly nervous glances. But nothing happened. Nothing at all. No adventure, no wild story to report. Just this blue blue blue…

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4 thoughts on “Monsters’ Lair

  1. Oh this is even better than the original post. So much blue. How can there not be a monster there? You just didn’t look hard enough.


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