After the Storm

The last day of our week-long stay on the South Island. We’d had perfect weather every day – but this morning awoke to heavy cloud cover and light rain. We decided not to take the Crown Road from Wanaka to Queenstown as it crosses the Crown Range and conditions can change very suddenly, leaving the steep, hair-pin turn heavy road slick with ice and slush. In this kind of weather, it was not advisable, so we headed down the long way, heading east and then south through towns and across vineyards and through the bottom of the ranges before heading back west to Queenstown. We were barely out of town when the rains began in earnest, bucketing down so visibility was bad and the road was scattered with slick patches.

We drove for nearly an hour in these conditions, under the relentless tension from being hyper alert and aware of everything around us. But as we headed into the southern section of the mountains, the sky lightened and within ten minutes, the storm cleared. And here was this enchanting vineyard framed in mists under a cerulean sky. We were running late to return the rental car, no time to stop. So I snapped this out of the car window as we whizzed past.

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3 thoughts on “After the Storm

    1. Thank you. I am an inveterate window-snapper. It’s trained me to see and compose my shots almost by instinct. I admit though, 90% of what I shoot gets deleted (poles, branches, trees, hills, roadsigns…). But I do love how this is so balanced, so the sky is not blown out and the mountains are not too dark…


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