The tale of the monster hideout

This is the wharf area in downtown Auckland on a Saturday night. And that blue light below street level – I have not coloured or enhanced that, other than opening the aperture up to let as much light in as possible. But there really are blue lights down there, so below the street where people are drinking and eating and doing the sorts of things one does when one is out on the town, below the ‘normal’ place,there is the dark, blue place. And all the people up above – they just pretend it isn’t there.

Hello! That’s where monsters live! It’s where they wait. They don’t creep out until 3 or 4 in the morning, when all the sane people have wandered home and the late night crazies are roaming around, staggering a bit, holding onto each other, or to the railing. Leaning over the railing, gulping a bit more air. And the monsters leap up and grab them, pull them into the water, into the icy blue dungeon below the street. If those unfortunates have their wits about them and have the strength, they might be able to swim to the ladder and climb out. But of course the monsters can, too. If they want to. But if they don’t… they might never be heard from again.

Three teenage boys with expensive cameras wandered down there while I was watching, so I joined them. I figure if the monsters are hungry, they’d rather have one of them than me. They didn’t speak English, but I could see by their nods of recognition, they were looking for the monsters, wanted to get photos of them. It was deep and dark and their laughter echoed hollow on the dungeon walls. I think the barnacles creaked and there was a bit of splashing in the darkest depths. But no sign of monsters. Not tonight. Maybe next time…


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