watching paint

Yes, it’s true – I am easily distracted by bright, shiny objects. I found this fence mesmerising. And I found myself wishing I could paint one just like it – except where I live it would be completely silly and just wouldn’t do… it really wouldn’t work what with all the trees and nature stuff… but in the city… now there a fence like this really shines…

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6 thoughts on “watching paint

  1. What a fun way to pass time. We were all smart, little kids at one time and they for sure would be captivated. EnJOY the view~!


  2. Wow, now that’s a fence. I really love it, but couldn’t possibly have one like it. First, I would have to paint it, and that would be impossible, and second, my nasty neighbor would have the city out here in a flash under the pretense of public nuisance or something like that.


    1. Yes, it breaks all the rules about fences…be discreet, hide things, don’t attract attention… it’s in the Dominion Road neighbourhood of Auckland – an area that has long been a bit funky and artsy and immigrant-y. these days there’s been an influx of Chinese which could explain all the colour… (why oh why do the English and their cultural descendants consider drab to be tasteful??? This would fit right in in Norway…)


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