Home Sweet Dorloo Home

Some memories grow sweeter, some sadder, some softer or sentimental.

Some just get stranger.

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9 thoughts on “Home Sweet Dorloo Home

    1. By the time I left all the animals were already gone. It all ended so quickly. My brother moved into town and was still going to school. I went to Uni. My next eldest sister went to live with friends, leaving my little sister at home, and she went into foster care because Ma didn’t know how to manage her. It was so very strange – like an unseen curtain fell on an era without us even noticing… One of the short stories that I’ve put up here called The Urine Sky is set right around the time the curtain fell, our last winter together, which I believe was the one after the one in this photo.


  1. I love this picture. Yes, it was time to go — and not the first time for our family. This was the end of the second act, the one that started in December 1965 when Mom kidnapped us from the orphanage two years after she lost custody of us. Mom was not stable enough to continue to take care of us once again. Sad. She did love us. Sometimes love just isn’t enough.


    1. It looks postcard perfect, or Christmas card perfect. She had a pretty good run there, from 66-72…
      I’ve got to find some photos of us standing in front of cactus… I think I could have a bit of fun with them…


    1. I think of it more as a roller-coaster ride that still hasn’t ended, though I’ve taken some control of the ‘controls,’ and my mother is no longer in the equation. I miss her, but had this way of making everything much harder than it had to be…


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