Great Day 4 the Sky

I take photos of everything. Drives my husband mad. I’ve had friends accuse me of stopping to photograph so I can have a rest. Occasionally people get suspicious of me taking photos of sort of nothing things. Once in a while people freak when they see my camera pointed at them from my seat inside the bus. I don’t mean to freak them out, but I like to capture the natural movement of people walking and doing things. You never know when you need a man smoking in the rain…

This was shot from the bus on a long ride from the west side of the city to the north. We stopped in a mall and this was a temporary display set up in the car park. I quite liked it.

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4 thoughts on “Great Day 4 the Sky

  1. I agree – take all sorts of photos of stuff from all sorts of weird angles. Sometimes I put my camera on continuous shoot and lower it, holding it by the strap, to take photos of places I cannot squat down to see. Amazing what you can uncover! 😀


    1. Yes! anything for a different POV, I say. I stick my camera in holes and through walls and up over my head. Of course these are not generally the best composed shots, but I find I can usually crop and rotate to get something that does the job… while I love my new camera and technically it is infinitely superior to the old one, the old one had a swivel monitor, so I could see what I was shooting… my new camera does not have this feature and I really do miss it. I know the next version of it will have it, and that will probably be out next year, but I couldn’t wait that long…


  2. I love that you take pictures wherever you go, but I must admit that this particular image unnerves me a bit. Not really sure why, but the child looks rubbery, and the wiry things coming out of the bottom, that are probably supposed to represent roots don’t seem to fit.

    Ignore me. Tired.


    1. I always pay attention to things that rub me wrong… sometimes it’s as simple as I just don’t like them, which is fine… but other times I realise that they push some button I didn’t know I had, or they remind me of something I had forgotten and didn’t want to remember… ha ha… and sometimes, I’m just tired and don’t like anything other than my bed…


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