Choose your illusion

everything stopped

One of my favourite phrases, usually I use it in the context of work – if you prefer the illusion of security, then you seek a ‘permanent’ job. If you prefer the illusion of freedom, then contract or freelance work is for you. Reality is of course, that for the vast majority of us, working is not really an option, at least, not if we want to maintain however humble a standard of living we may be accustomed to. As for permanent jobs – I’m looking at my 3rd redundancy in 8 years – what does permanent even mean anymore?

I tend to waffle between the two having preferred one or the other at various times in my life. Rather undecided at the moment, which is fine. There are times to let the universe unfold on its own, no prodding from me required.

This illusion has nothing to do with freedom or security – but rather the beauty of an Indian dancer performing in the winter rain in Auckland – so bleak, my photos made me want to weep with sadness. So I fixed them. I much prefer this illusion.

Rain in Auckland or rain in Mumbai?

If you’re wondering who LightPainters are – it’s an open path to one of my preferred illusions…

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