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Oslo - 84 gull2009 has been the year of dreaming. I wrote about it early on and updated a couple of times. It probably started with the book, The Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly, which I commented on back in January in a post called New Year’s Dreams. At the time, and even now, I’m not hawking it as the greatest thing since sliced bread – yet, it got me thinking about dreams. I dutifully made a list of 100 dreams of my own. That was surprisingly easy compared to some folks who’ve also done it. I’ve always been a bit of a dreamer.

But a funny thing has happened this year with these dreams… they’ve evolved. Sort of like I opened a can of worms only it’s not worms but a million silken strands waiting to be woven into precious fabric. And once I have the fabric – I can do anything I desire with it because there is the magic of dreams embedded in the fibres.

Oslo - 79 gullWhat does that mean? Well, I just started getting ideas about things I could do and then doing them. And I discovered how willing other people are to share a dream.

Even five years ago, the idea of being on a social committee filled me with horror. Planning a group event brought on a minimum of three sick days. But I am fortunate enough to work in a place where staff are really encouraged to pursue their dreams. And somehow, without planning it, I formed a social committee of my own and together (because it definitely isn’t all my doing) we’ve been pulling off event after event. Yet,  I work for a large organisation with over 2000 staff, so the stuff I’ve been organising for my little group of 90 is small potatoes.

One of the problems of an organisation this size is the silo mentality, where people identify with and are protective of their group, and other groups or divisions are ‘other.’ And ‘other’ is never a good thing. But how do you reach that many people? You couldn’t have events that large – and even if you tried, you’d still get folks clustering in their own silos. You need to mix them up in small groups, so they get a chance to talk to each other – but it has to be about something other than work because work already divides them!

Oslo - 47 gullsSo I got the idea of forming clubs. Things people are interested in outside of work. I’m in the midst of piloting six of them, which again, couldn’t possibly happen without the buy-in, belief, participation and hard work of a lot of other people. And they’re working. I should be blogging this! It’s an incredible thing to watch, and even more incredible that it was just an idea that I had that I decided to try out.

Surprise, surprise – I’m co-facilitating the photography club. Had our second meeting today – people are excited. Our next meeting is a speed field-trip, dashing down to the Auckland waterfront at lunchtime, shooting for half an hour – and then getting back together and seeing what we all come up with. I’m excited!

Oslo - 78 gullsI expect half the clubs will survive and the other half, well, maybe not. It’s not about 100% success, it’s about succeeding where you can, where it fits, where it works.

And keeping on dreaming and just doing what you dream of, making it happen, being the change. It’s scary and wonderful and one of the best things I’ve ever done. And while it’s bloody hard work, it’s some of the most fun I’ve ever had.

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