Aubergine Dream

This enchanting aubergine (aka eggplant) man stands along the Beach in lovely Puerta Vallarta Mexico, which is surely a corner of heaven that fell from the sky. (Note, in French, the word for heaven is auberge, so it’s all wound up on itself.) Today I closed on the purchase of a small communications company –Continue reading “Aubergine Dream”

Dreaming in the new year with a good ideer

It arrives first here in New Zealand – just over an hour away now… 2010 is going out quietly. To be honest, I’m not sorry to see the back of it, a year full of sturm and drang and dramas. I have high hopes for 2011. There was a time when I made resolutions thatContinue reading “Dreaming in the new year with a good ideer”

Rainy daydream

Back on the bus. Bored. Barely breathing. Air so cold and heavy – wet velvet on my lungs. Beyond the spattered windowpane I spy him – spy on him – standing at the cash machine, hunched over in oversized rain gear, getting money for tonight – for Friday night. Big night. Plans. Dreams. Rainy daydreams.Continue reading “Rainy daydream”

Invention & Reinvention

Back in my youth I recall being told by my elders to ‘just be yourself.’ Interviews, auditions, performances – pretty much anything where you were tied up in knots and didn’t know what to do, the guidance was to be yourself. (Walking into the lunchroom every day and figuring out where to sit was definitelyContinue reading “Invention & Reinvention”

New Year’s Dreaming, Year 2

It was last year around this time I opted to give up resolutions in favour of dreams. New Year’s Dreaming for 2009. The idea was instead of giving up something, do something I really wanted to do. Reviewing my list, I discover that out of my list of 100 dreams, I have done or amContinue reading “New Year’s Dreaming, Year 2”