Shooting Skaties

I’ve been hankering to shoot skateboarders for the last while. Went down to Victoria Park in the Auckland CBD yesterday and gave it a go. Reasonably happy with the results, though I am certain there’d be substantial improvement if I went again. Maybe next weekend…

Friendship, ah friendship… hmmm

Some time back I wrote a piece on friendship and those kitschy, gushing emails drenched in puppies and kitties and pastels that end up in my Inbox rather often. At first they annoyed me just a bit – after all, I’m not a puppies and kitties kind of girl. But after a while, I realisedContinue reading “Friendship, ah friendship… hmmm”

Tongue tied

Lately I find I haven’t got much to say. Partly I blame the weather. We’ve  entered the rainy season, aka winter. It’s dreary grey, coldish, dampish, darkish. Wet. The rain shuffles in – a distant roar, gaining volume and momentum as it thunders down on the coloursteel roof, pelting the windows and somehow, my heart.Continue reading “Tongue tied”

Engagement & Disengagement

No, there are no big announcements in my family lately (though I suspect I could start some rumours that would only get me into trouble.) Nor am I thinking about meetings – something I can use as an excuse to get out of something I’d rather do less; “I’d love to come, but I haveContinue reading “Engagement & Disengagement”

If Kali were a tree

I’ve recently developed a fascination for Kali – the Hindu goddess of…  hmmm… Just what is she the goddess of? Depends who you talk to as there seems a bit of confusion, even among Hindus. She runs the gamut from annihilator to earth-mother. One man I work with turned a bit pale when he spiedContinue reading “If Kali were a tree”

Search Engine Deliveries

These are the most common terms people have used to find this blog in the last week: Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise Lace knickers Chinese train porn Sexy wet t-shirt naughty Sexy group sex pictures Psycho blood spatter Monster sex sins I am perturbed. I prefer to think of myself as literate, intelligent, thoughtContinue reading “Search Engine Deliveries”

Trains of our Lives (Chinese train part 2)

It occurs to me the saga of the train ride to Xian was so full of melodrama, angst, chance encounters, intrigues and things that weren’t what they seemed to be – it qualifies as a full-blown soap opera. Today’s episode, is therefore brought to you by your favourite haemorrhoid cream, the latest improvement in incontinenceContinue reading “Trains of our Lives (Chinese train part 2)”

Hell is other people

I’ve got to stop waxing philosophical – last week Camus and I were butting heads and this week I find myself tortured by Sartre. I don’t fancy myself conversant on either but apparently they are fascinated by me. I prefer my personal philosophy – “The One True Way.” However, despite its catchy title and obviousContinue reading “Hell is other people”