It’s complicated

He may be the king of the jungle, but looking at her face, I know where the power lies.

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4 thoughts on “It’s complicated

    1. And does it matter?

      I’ve noticed several times over the years when I’ve had a chance to get close to couples where the relationship seems inequitable or mismatched on the surface, but the partners are happy with the arrangement – there is usually a very strong subtext to the relationship that is not obvious to the casual observer. And that subtext is the yin to the overt yang.

      I will never forget a couple I knew when I was in my early 30s – they were perfect – adored each other after 10 years of marriage, kissing in public, holding hands, sending each other little gifts. They had a great little cottage on the beach decorated with antique toys and funky old furniture. He was an artist and she was a chef – both successful… They made the rest of our lives hell – we were nowhere’s near as happy or as hot for each, why couldn’t our husbands/wives be as loving and attentive and thoughtful??? Why were our jobs and lives so boring? Why couldn’t we be a little bit like them?

      And then she left him for a very young sous chef in the kitchen where she worked… Boom! Wow! It was all a mirage… at least the marriage part… They really were both clever wonderful, creative people who went on to have interesting, creative lives. But I’ve never really trusted the whole overtly blissful marriage thing since…


      1. I remember her / them. You were friends with them in Rochester. They were both very nice. Childhood sweethearts I believe. From Long Island — or at least she was or might have been. Did he work with Marty? Or at Kodak?

        Our view of other couples (and people) is always colored by what we want to believe. Sometimes we want to believe the good and other times the bad with the truth being somewhere in between.


  1. No doubt as to where the power lies in this particular relationship, but as you said, it’s usually not at all as it appears in relationships, especially those in which the two are ecstatically happy . . .


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