Tree Theory

And then there’s the folks who like to dress trees up. They might have the most fun of all…

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7 thoughts on “Tree Theory

    1. And it’s not even a recognised disorder! You can indulge in your treeaholicism as much and for as long as you can! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      (Of course, there is undoubtedly someone in a white coat somewhere drafting the disorder and its symptoms, and will end up trying to talk you out of it – with some dire consequnce if you don’t – so revel while you can!!!)


  1. I am living proof, Titi! I hug my tree each morning of my walks. The moss is worn off my Big Leaf Maple’s trunk from where I hug her. Plus look at Buddha…he meditated regularly under his tree.


    1. As long as it’s just the moss… I just love being surrounded by trees all day every day. It is a wonderful sense of security somehow…

      I wish I could meditate under a tree, but these days it’s still not properly summer out there – a little too cold and a little too wet…


  2. I enjoy the patterns made by the tree’s shadows and the shelter of a tree. Hugged one once just to say I had 🙂
    Lovely lighting to enhance the shape of this one.


    1. Oh Happy – you have tree hugging so deep in your essence, you don’t need to physically hug a tree – but glad to hear you did just for the experience;-)

      I’m not much of a hugger, more of a stroker and leaner and appreciater… The one outside my window seems to want to come inside on days warm enough to have the window open…

      This one is in downtown Auckland… just walking by and looking up during a festival…


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