New Year’s Dreaming, Year 2

September sunset
September sunset in Auckland

It was last year around this time I opted to give up resolutions in favour of dreams. New Year’s Dreaming for 2009. The idea was instead of giving up something, do something I really wanted to do.

Reviewing my list, I discover that out of my list of 100 dreams, I have done or am in progress with 37 of them. Pretty damned good. Have not begun lessons to speak Italian, Estonian or Mandarin, but I took several courses at University of Auckland, taken my photography up a few notches, learned photoshop, got over my fear of speaking in public (and made a few speeches) – and… finally watched Season 6 of The Sopranos! All in all, a bloody good year.

I’m advocating dreaming for everyone. Go ahead – make a list of 100 dreams. The first 25 are hard, but once you break through that barrier, they pretty much flow. And once you’ve liberated your mind and let yourself dream of something, you’re partly there…  Gotta run – I got some dreaming to do…

Sunset in Goa, India

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2 thoughts on “New Year’s Dreaming, Year 2

  1. With the holiday over…finally getting around to all of my favorite site. It is important to keep dreaming. With that being said I am sending your way a poet that I wrote some time back…from one dreamer to another…enjoy. Regards, A.J.


    When I look at a sunset I see unfulfilled
    dreams falling into what will soon be yesterday.
    Shadows slithers across the land like a thief
    threatening to steal any hopes for tomorrow.

    In the darkness of night eyes close, mind and body
    motionless as the heart keeps rhythm with the
    passing of time; it is there in the dark that youthfulness
    fades away and the reality of a gentle aging spirit waits
    patiently for the morning light.

    Yet, It is within the morning light where unfulfilled dreams
    may come true.



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