Shooting steampunks again

Well, I’ve been shooting a lot of things to be honest – film premieres, streetscapes, my super-giant baby cat and… yes, more steampunks… the love affair continues. What can I say? I think I’ve reached some new ground though – it’s not the same-old, same-old… Here are a few of my favourites. They were taken At the Auckland AetherCon – some are vendors, others are friends I dragged out to the hallway for a little different lighting and less jangly backgrounds…


Poor Garnet – Getting dumped on her coffee break…AetherCon-23The Inquisitor, there can be only one


Lovely and lost

AetherCon-20Tinkerbelle and Digitalis Ellulose travelled from the Other Side via a Coromandel Gold Mine – steam-powered, illuminated by Firefly light!AetherCon-22   Desperate street urchins, hawking their wares…AetherCon-10Truly the most fabulous of all!

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6 thoughts on “Shooting steampunks again

  1. Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic…. as always….. love them all and the last photo is of Janice who a customer where I work… always dresses amazingly XXXXXXX


    1. I gotta post some shots from this past weekend! I organised a massive photoshoot – had about 60 photographers, 30-40 steampunks, various performers, friends, odd characters and… event was a total success. And raised quite a bit of money as well… unfortunately as organiser, I didn’t get to do as much photography as I would have liked, but still managed the odd amazing shot if I do say so myself… The costumes were so over the top amazing this time around too. Sigh… I wish I had 96 hours in the day – so much more I could get done!


      1. Thank you! It’s been an unexpected and very interesting series of events and I am as surprised as anyone… and having so much fun… Just wish I had enough time to make all the ideas and projects come to fruition! I’m pretty sure I’m also a wee bit crazy… 😉


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