A Wild Place

Not that much of a post, but when I saw this pond at night when I was in Hamilton last month, I thought of Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are. And how the wild things and wild places are always there, everywhere, you only need to look with those kind of eyes. For anything could come crawling out of this silent ooze.

OK – an admission… I am afraid of monsters. I don’t mean horribly horrendous humans who do horrible things to other humans. I’m actually not afraid of them at all – unless I happen to run into one and have legitimate fears for my personal safety. But I mean monsters, with hairy arm-paws that roar and growl and grab your arm in the middle of the night when you go to close the window. Who are watching you from outside while you brush your teeth. Who are hiding in the toilet bowl and will get you if you sit down in  the middle of the night.

I mean all the monsters that only come out at night. And me a night owl. Sitting here, facing the darkness outside the window. Are they watching me now? Are they coming to get me? I wish I was in bed. I would go to bed. I would. But there might be a monster under the bed. Who will grab my feet just as I get in and pull me down, under the bed and… scare me…

I’m scared of being scared by monsters.

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8 thoughts on “A Wild Place

  1. DIdn’t we luv to scare ourselves when we were kids? And what did you do all those years when you had to be the brave Mama so your kids wouldn’t be afraid? LOL~! Just trust that God will protect you and get your adrenaline high from joy instead 😉 Nice, scary photo though!


    1. Holy jumping jehosephat’s Happy! You should have seen me at the movies when I was a kid! Hiding behind the seats, under my coat, cowering and quivering. Of course if you told anyone I did that, I woulda given you a fat lip!
      As for my kids… the older one was never afraid of monsters. I think she came out of the womb eating monsters for breakfast. The younger one and I researched them, read every book about them we could find. Her solution was to be one and I made her many monster costumes over the years, including a Wild Thing costume that was furry and wild and patched and … monstrous.
      If I think about it, I guess I’m not as afraid of monsters as I think I am, or I would love walking in the woods alone, especially at night…


  2. I’ve never actually been that afraid of the hairy monsters. As a child, I was deathly afraid of centipedes, and they still give me the willies. But, say, the Creature of the Black Lagoon? I felt sorry for him. Same for Frankenstein.

    Love the hue effect on the picture.


    1. Yeah, I was a total wimp. No way around it… But my childhood really was filled with all kinds of monsters and they weren’t all in my head…

      I’ve been playing around with Duotone – so easy to do and for someone who loves colour as much as me, so fun getting the exact tones to express how an image ‘feels’ to me.


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