The Scenic Hotel

  I’ve had a lifelong fascination with construction sites. They look like so much fun – forbidden playgrounds – boys-only playgrounds. And they get to play with really big machines… I’m still jealous, though if I ask nice, I sometimes get to play a bit. Did I ever tell you about the time I decidedContinue reading “The Scenic Hotel”

Paradise lost

I found this abandoned house on Lifou rather intriguing – it was about a mile away from the nearest village and overlooked a pristine coral beach. Thousands of butterflies fluttered through the air, so many you could hear a faint thrum of wings beating. There is no place closer to paradise than this. Though strippedContinue reading “Paradise lost”

Dreaming in the new year with a good ideer

It arrives first here in New Zealand – just over an hour away now… 2010 is going out quietly. To be honest, I’m not sorry to see the back of it, a year full of sturm and drang and dramas. I have high hopes for 2011. There was a time when I made resolutions thatContinue reading “Dreaming in the new year with a good ideer”

Wary local in Île des Pins

Sometimes you just can’t find a place to hide… There I was, ready to throw a paddy in gorgeous Île des Pins. The day was crystal, the beaches pristine white sand, locals were cooking up fresh-caught langostinos the size of Maine lobsters on open spits… and my best (and bloody expensive!) lens was all foggedContinue reading “Wary local in Île des Pins”

Live from Titirangi

Came home tonight from a lovely pre-Christmas dinner with my daughter to find rain pouring through my stairwell ceiling, streaming down three walls, the carpet under water, so deep a family of ducks could have a fair paddle… And the rain is still coming down as I type… It occurs to me that right nowContinue reading “Live from Titirangi”